Children Day Care Fund

Investments in eligible children day care properties in sustainable and demographically strong locations in Germany

Children Day Care Fund "GO KITA"

Since 1 August 2013, every child from the age of 1 is legally entitled to a childcare place. At the same time, the birth rate in Germany has been rising since 2012 and more and more parents want to take advantage of the child care facilities. By 2025 up to 308,000 U3 places and around 296,000 Ü3 places will be lacking nationwide. This increase in demand for children day care places leads to great need for investments in the real estate market.

Since 2019, E&G Funds & Asset Management has been investing in children day care facilities across Germany for a German insurance company through a newly launched Special AIF “GO-KITA”. The first properties have already been acquired. The fund aims to expand its portfolio by acquiring both existing properties and project developments to be held over long investment horizon.

E&G FAM has already invested more than EUR 200 million in social real estate throughout Germany. Regulated special AIFs currently provide around EUR 120 million in equity capital for further investments in children day care centres and nursing homes.