Nursing Homes

Investing in eligible nursing homes in Germany.

Nursing Homes

Demographic change has affected the population structure in Germany significantly. In an ageing society, the growing number of senior citizens is not only a challenge for social security systems, but also a great opportunity for the real estate sector. With around 2.6 million people requiring nursing care in 2014, the demand for Senior Citizen Residences and Nursing Homes keeps increasing year by year.

As your competent partner for investments in Nursing Homes, E&G Funds & Asset Management GmbH can rely on a high-profile professional network in this niche market segment. In 2016, E&G has successfully launched a German Special Fund comprising 12 sustainable care facilities with a total investment volume of 150 million euros.

Track Record

Investment volume: EUR 200m
Location: Economically strong regions in Germany with sustainable, high demand for nursing places
Operators: Various

Our experienced Acquisitions Team is constantly on the lookout for state-supported investment opportunities with a Core+ rating in strong regions of Germany.

Key Information
Fund structure: German Special Fund in accordance with KAGB
Fund- and Asset- management: E&G Funds & Asset Management GmbH
Service KVG: International Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft (IntReal)
Group of investors: Large Insurance companies
Risk profile / target region: Core +
Target portfolio: Stationary facilities, daily care homes, assisted living
Target volume: EUR 200m
Target leverage: 0 %
Currency: EUR
Target Distribution: 6 % p.a.