Parking Funds

German Special Funds investing in Core / Core + parking space across Europe.

E&G Parking Fund Europe

The E&G Parking Fund Europe invests in parking facilities at attractive locations in the euro zone (EU-19).
With the accumulated equity of German institutional investors, investments can be realized without debt financing.

Key Fund Information

Fund structure: German Special Fund (open-ended) in accordance with KAGB
Target volume: EUR 250m
Minimum commitment: EUR 10m
Risk profile: Core+
Target portfolio: Multi-storey car parks, underground parking garages and external parking space
Target region: Metropolitan regions in the euro zone (EU-19)
Locations: Inner-city locations, transport hubs, airports, medical centers
Target yield: > 5.50 % p.a.
IRR at year 10: > 7.50 %

For more information: Acquisition profile

After the successful launch of a German Special Fund comprising six parking garages in preferred, central locations in 2010, “Parkhaus II-Fonds” focuses on building up a well-diversified portfolio of attractive parking facilities in Germany and Europe.

Key Information
Fund structure: German Special Fund in accordance with KAGB
Fund management: E&G Funds & Asset Management GmbH
German Special Fund (open-ended): Real estate investment fund "Parkhaus II-Fonds"
Group of investors: Insurances, pension funds, institutional investors, family offices
Equity: up to EUR 100m
Risk profile / target region: Core, Core + / Europe
Target portfolio: Multi-storey car parks, underground parking garages and external parking space in central locations
Target volume: EUR 200m
Minimum commitment: EUR 10m
Target leverage: max. 50 %
Fund strategy: Buy - Build – Manage (Long-Term) – Exit
Currency: EUR
Target distribution / returns: 6 % p.a. / IRR 10 years: 9 %

Parking Fund Portfolio

Karstadt, Flensburg
Parkhaus - Karstadt, Flensburg

Building type: Multi-storey car park
Operator: APCOA
Year of construction: 2015
Parking spaces: 490

The newly developed multi-storey car park is located in the centre of the city between the main bus station and the commercial pedestrian area "Holm", adjacent to the Karstadt-Warenhaus.

Parkhaus, Potsdam

Building type: Multi-storey car park
Operator: Indigo
Year of construction: 2010
Parking spaces: 344

The highly modern multi-storey car park is situated in the northern part of the inner city, in Close vicinity to the "Dutch Quarter" of Potsdam. The property profits from a hospital, a medical centre and a pharmacy in the direct neighbourhood. It is only a short walk to the central Commercial district of Potsdam.

Portfolio Villingen-Schwenningen
Portfolio Villingen-Schwenningen

Building Types: 3 multi-storey car parks, 1 Underground parking Garage
Operator: Parkservice Hüfner GmbH & Co. KG
Year of rennovations: 2008 - 2011
Parking spaces: ca. 1,400

The parking Portfolio comprises four parking properties in Villingen-Schwenningen, covering about 80% of the city's demand. All four parking garages are centrally located, providing direct access to the high streets of the two cities. The parking facilities are in direct vicsinity to anchor businesses such as a convection centre, a hotel, cinemas and restaurants.

Markets & Locations
  • Germany and Europe
  • Central locations, train stations, hospitals, airports, event centres
Property Investment Criteria
  • Multi-storey car parks, underground parking garages incl. external parking space
  • Min. 50% rental income from parking in mixed used properties
  • Min. investment volume EUR 5m
  • Max. investment volume EUR 40m
  • Ownership, part ownership, project developments, leasehold deals
  • Share deals or asset deals
  • Newly-built or existing properties, properties with upside potential
Lease Terms & Operators
  • Preferably long-term lease contracts, properties with existing leases
  • Preferably renown operators and regional market leaders (e.g. APCOA, Interparking, Q-Park, Indigo)
  • Fixed leases, also in combination with turnover-based leases
  • If required, fund management will provide an operator or found an operating company together with the owner
Property Due Diligence
  • Site map, extract from land register incl. ownership structure, pictures and floor plans of the property, building encumbrances
  • Macro / Micro location
  • Lease contracts, service charge calculations, property management
  • Year of completion, condition of building and surfase coating (chloride analysis)
  • Turnover, number of entering vehicles, existing leases for long-term parking spaces
  • All relevant information affecting the value of the property

Investment Proposals

We look forward to receiving investment proposals from portfolio holders and project developers. Please state in your quotation that the property is offered directly without brokerage fee.

Investment proposals from brokers should clearly state any commission fees and include written proof of their mandate by the owner or of the exclusive-right-to-sell the respective property.

Please submit your investment proposals per email to