Premium services for institutional and semi-institutional investors.

Services & Investment Structures



Development and management of investment funds for institutional and semi-institutional investors with focus on real estate and alternative assets.

Structuring of international investment solutions:

Establishment of funds and participations of foreign legal entities for cross-border investment by German and international investors. Building of various direct and indirect forms of investment into master funds.

Financing structuring:

Development, implementation and optimization of financing structures with the intelligent use of classic and alternative financing instruments.

Optimization and repositioning of real estate portfolios:

From conducting feasibility studies, planning monitoring and managing the re-structuring of existing portfolios, re-positioning of individual properties, re-vitalisation of existing properties and project development of new buildings.

Transaction Management:

Comprehensive support of real estate transaction processes, from strategic sourcing of suitable investments, due diligence, to certification.


Investment Structures

E&G Funds & Asset Management Group offers their clients various international investment structures. The vehicles in selected jurisdictions ensure tailor-made structures for each investment opportunity, such as:

  • German Special-Alternative Investment Fund (Spezial-AIF)
  • Closed funds (KG, GmbH)
  • Luxemburg Special Funds (SICAV, SIF)
  • Tailor-made vehicles for offshore investors
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